Koko Market Storm: Empowering Local Businesses in Abule Egba

Our team conducted a successful “market storm” at the vibrant Abule Egba Market, introducing businesses to the Koko booking app to aid their growth.

At Koko, our mission extends beyond simply connecting service providers with customers. We are driven by a commitment to empowering local businesses and fostering their growth. 

Recently, our team embarked on an exhilarating “market storm” initiative at the vibrant Abule Egba market, with inspiring results.

The Abule Egba market is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit, where diverse talents converge. From salons to maintenance services, this bustling marketplace brims with creativity and hard work. Many businesses are founded and run by remarkable women, shining examples of female entrepreneurship.

Our goal was to introduce these hardworking individuals to the Koko platform’s potential for unlocking new growth opportunities. And we were met with resounding enthusiasm to embrace change.

During our visit, we onboarded over 50 unique businesses onto the Koko app. With our user-friendly platform, these entrepreneurs now have a powerful digital presence, opening doors to a broader audience.

The success of our Abule Egba market storm underscores the resilience of these local businesses. By providing them a robust platform, we contribute to empowering women in the community and fostering an environment where entrepreneurship thrives.

Koko Team With Female Business Owners At Abulegba, Nigeria

Fueled by this success, we are determined to extend our market storm initiatives to other regions. We envision businesses nationwide accessing the Koko platform, unlocking unprecedented growth and fostering a thriving service ecosystem.

At Koko, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and champion local communities’ success. With each market storm, we ignite hope, empowering businesses to reach new heights and unlock their full potential.

For service providers seeking to expand their reach and tap into a vast pool of potential customers, Koko is the digital catalyst that propels your business forward. 

Whether you’re an established professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, our platform serves as a powerful bridge, connecting you to a wider customer base eager for your exceptional services.

Join us as we revolutionize the service industry and empower local businesses to thrive.

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